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We are the founders of

MedicPad Was Selected In Top 10 Startups for HealthInc 2020 Accelerator Program.

MedicPad has formed a partnership with HealthInc and completed their 2020 Accelerator Program, which is a joint venture by the Amsterdam health & technology institute (AHTI) and the founders of Startupbootcamp.

Specially designed for health and wellbeing professionals.

We work with your medical teams closely to align patient intake strategy and efficiency goals to deploy advanced and customized applications and patient management systems that not only solve problems, but add value to clinical organizations.

Inefficient patient onboarding processes in hospitals cause significant stress for patients. Before being admitted, patients are required to fill in lengthy forms and sign several documents. This often leads to confusion about the healthcare process and negatively impacts patient experiences. Technology startups are working on ways to digitally integrate various pre-admission processes to improve access to information for both patients and medical practitioners.


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    Our Team

    Dutch startup MedicPad offers a suite of technology-driven solutions to improve medical and clinical management. The startup offers smart forms to reduce the time spent on completing forms and self-check-in kiosks to ease patient onboarding. MedicPad also curates highly-relevant digital medical records to efficiently schedule doctor appointments. The startup’s products include AI-powered chatbots, medical and patient analytics software, as well as wearable devices for patient monitoring.


    Mihai Draghici

    The Tech Guy & Founder

    Over 20 years of serial entrepreneurship and building global tech startups.


    Carlos Ferreria

    The Business Guy

    Over 20 years of sales and business development experience


    Diana Mereu

    The Medical Expert

    Over 10 years experience leading organizations in healthcare industry