We call him Marvin.

MedicBot.AI project is the outcome of our team's participation in the Hackathon event where we had to design and build innovative solutions in the healthcare industry related to mental health.

We are the founders of MedicPad, a MedTech company based in Amsterdam.

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Fun, Simple & Intuitive

The 2 main problems we want to solve...

Doctors and nurses have an ever-growing list of non-care related tasks & data gathering responsibilities they must perform daily which results in 78% burnout from stress and fatigue.

Children who are at the hospital have very limited resources to continue being “a kid” and still have fun while going through medical procedures and stuck in a hospital room for several days or longer.

Operational Utility

We want to leverage voice & face recognition powered by AI/ML to assist hospital staff in daily operations with automation & robotics.

Fun & Games

Kids love to have fun! So we want to make it our mission to bring the fun back while children are at the hospital.

Dashboard Management

Marvin comes with simple dashboards to configure and manage his functionalities.


We want to explore the acceptance criteria between kids and semi-autonomous robots in hospitals.


Marvin can move by himself, avoid obstacles and monitor situational awareness with various sensors and computer vision

Modular Software Design

Marvin is connected to our cloud platform which let him download different software modules to customize his abilities on demand.

Plugins & Extensions

You can also upgrade Marvin with additional plugins & extensions to connect him to external systems very easily.

Improve Quality of Care

Marvin is like a really cool nurse who can assist patients to have a more pleasant stay and take care of non-care related work for a fraction of the cost.

We are “software nurses” for hospital doctors.

Healthcare professionals are spending too much time and energy on daily non-care work resulting in 78% burnout rates!

We want to protect the mental & physical health of our healthcare workers by making their jobs easier! Marvin autonomously collects situational awareness data using onboard cameras and voice recognition so hospital staff can go do more important things.

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